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We take investment management personally.

We carefully tailor our investment management services to the needs of each client. Typically, our investment process starts with personal discussions with each client, in which we determine the client’s objectives, liquidity needs, time horizon, and risk tolerance. We discuss the client’s personal background, family composition, and investment history. Based on these discussions, we identify an asset allocation strategy and construct a customized portfolio based on proprietary, fundamental research, which is the cornerstone of our investment approach.

Investment Strategy

  • i. Mountain Pacific invests in small, mid and large capitalization public equities with a focus on mid-capitalization
  • ii. Our strategy is based on growth at a reasonable price, which is a combination of value and growth investing: it looks for companies that are undervalued and have solid sustainable growth potential
  • iii. Macro, sector and company analysis supports each investment decision


  • i. Consistent investment approach
  • ii. Value should provide a downside cushion and upside opportunity
  • iii. Broadly diversified across industry sectors
  • iv. Low turnover ratio

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